what does the treatment consist of?

Flower Essence Remedies are usually taken internally although they can also be applied to the skin or sprayed into the immediate surroundings.

The treatment involves at first a conversation with the practitioner, so that they can understand what emotions or thought patterns you are experiencing, as well as what situations trigger them.

Following this the practitioner will select a combination of appropriate remedies to balance the negative emotional states that are troubling you. If we have a session we will discuss these together and do the final remedy selection to create a personal remedy mix.

The next step is the actual treatment. You will now have a personalized remedy mix suited to your particular and unique emotional picture at that time.

Please remember that when you have your treatment mix it is up to you to take the remedy as prescribed. The remedies don't work if you don't take them!!

It is important to understand that ultimately we are all responsible for our own well-being and that we have a duty to love and take care of ourselves.

how long does the treatment last?

Generally the remedies must be taken at least four times a day for at least three months. Taking the remedies for less time can still be effective but the results may not be as long lasting. This does not necessarily mean that in three months the treatment is over.


Cases vary widely in how long the remedies are taken for, and depend on what you are looking to resolve. You may be looking to cope with fear of flying, which could involve taking the remedies just around the time of travel, or you could be seeking a safe and natural way to support you during a bad time in your life, or overcoming lifelong issues. These would normally involve different lengths of treatment.

I would generally advice to meet for at least three sessions set 3 weeks to a month apart, in order to work on issues at a deeper level and to achieve long lasting results.


Dr. Bach's method of healing works on the issues that are manifesting on the surface of our being, as these get resolved and start to clear, other suppressed or underlying emotions may surface, which will be looked at and balanced in successive consultations. This is one of the reasons why it is a gentle system, assisting in making changes in line with the person's needs at that particular time, working on issues as they come up.

Some of the remedies you are given may be relevant to how you are experiencing a specific situation, while others may relate to more general characteristics of your personality. Usually a person will have their "usual suspects", those remedies that are often present in their mixes because they relate to deep set characteristics in the way that we interact with the world around them.

a few words of caution


The Bach Flower Remedies are usually preserved in alcohol. For people that for any reason are unable to consume small amounts of alcohol for health reasons or  belief, it can be arranged to use remedies preserved in a non alcoholic medium but this may cost a little more as it will have to be ordered and sent to you by post from a different provider. Please let me know this before our meeting so I can make sure the non alcoholic remedies are available before we proceed.

Although the remedies are very effective and I have full faith in them, be aware that they do not replace medical or psychological treatment where this is necessary. The BFR system is compatible with all types of treatments and can work alongside them. Discuss with your doctor before stopping any treatment given by them. The Bach Essences are safe to take alongside other medications as long as consumption of small amounts of alcohol (a few drops per treatment dose) is not an issue.

the treatment